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Solwara Meri

Solwara Meri

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"Solwara Meri" is the inaugural piece in a series dedicated to celebrating women from the coastal regions of Papua New Guinea. In this artwork, two turtles gracefully swim towards the central figure, whose hair billows out in the ocean current. Her body is adorned with shells, which hold significant cultural value and are used in trade, symbolizing the esteem accorded to women in society.

The white dots interconnecting the river represent her bloodline, flowing from her veins to the ocean, signifying the deep connection between her essence and the sea. These dots also symbolize the intricate ties between her lineage and her soul.

The turtles serve as powerful symbols of longevity and patience, embodying the woman's steadfast commitment to maintaining harmony within her home. In many regions, women assume leadership roles within the family, illustrating their resilience and adaptability in the face of shifting societal norms. While some areas of Papua New Guinea adhere to patriarchal traditions, others embrace the leadership and contributions of women.

Dimensions | 122cm (h) x 91cm (w)

Medium: Sharpie Markers, Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite, Varnish.

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