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Papa Graun IV - Spirit of Jiwaka

Papa Graun IV - Spirit of Jiwaka

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In the misty mountains of the Jiwaka Area of Papua New Guinea, the men carry more than just physical headdresses during their tribal gatherings; they bear the weight of their entire heritage on their shoulders. These chiefly garments, adorned with vibrant feathers from various species of birds of paradise, crafted from bush materials, and highlighted with gold, are not merely decorative. They symbolise the wealth and respect these men have earned as providers and protectors.

Recently, I listened to my grand uncle's tales of the great men who roamed the mountains of PNG long before the arrival of Western influences. These men were phenomenal, embodying strength, wisdom, and a profound respect for women. Women, seen as the gateway between the spiritual and physical worlds, were treated as invaluable and highly respected. In return, men took on the roles of protectors and providers, ensuring the safety and prosperity of their families and tribes.

During tribal singsings, these men of Jiwaka don their majestic headdresses, not just on their heads but also on their shoulders. To me, this tradition highlights the immense responsibilities they carry—the welfare of their families, the honor of their communities, and the preservation of their cultural values. The gold in their attire underscores their status and the respect they command, built on their role as steadfast providers.

Central to these gatherings is the kundu drum, a powerful symbol of calling and community. Used in singsing ceremonies and for communication, the kundu drum carries the spirit of the community and serves as the mouthpiece of the family. Its rhythm echoes the heartbeat of Jiwaka, calling people together and preserving the oral traditions passed down through generations as seen with many tribes in PNG.

Spirit of Jiwaka captures the a glimpse of these remarkable individuals. It celebrates the men who shoulder the weight of their heritage, standing tall as symbols of strength, wealth, and tradition. This painting is a tribute to the ancestral echoes that resonate through the mountains of Jiwaka and across PNG, honoring the legacy of the great men who once roamed these lands and the enduring spirit that continues to guide their descendants.

Dimension: 100w(w) x 150cm(h)

Medium: Sharpie Markers, Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil and Varnish. 

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