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Papa Graun III - Hela: The Keeper of Wealth

Papa Graun III - Hela: The Keeper of Wealth

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Imagine a land where for generations, the Hela people lived, unaware of the hidden treasures beneath their feet. These treasures, discovered later, became the cornerstone of Papua New Guinea's prosperity.

Today, the descendants of those resilient Hela men and women stand at the forefront of change, seizing every opportunity and etching their names in history. They embody the essence of Papa Graun, depicted vividly in a series of drawings.

The "Papa Graun" series pays homage to extraordinary men who not only upheld tradition but also paved the way for progress. They resolved conflicts, fostered peace, and empowered women to nurture outstanding Papua New Guineans. These individuals, pillars of our modern society, inspire us to strive for greatness and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Dimension: 100w(w) x 150cm(h)

Medium: Sharpie Markers, Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil and Varnish. 

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