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Oro Kaiva - Coming of Age ORIGINAL

Oro Kaiva - Coming of Age ORIGINAL

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In the captivating fjords of Tufi, nestled within the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea, a tradition once flourished—a remarkable practice where young women adorned their faces with intricate markings to signify their transition into adulthood and readiness for marriage. However, as the waves of colonialism and Christianity swept across the land, these ancient customs gradually waned, their echoes fading with time. Yet, within the fabric of art, we find solace—a channel through which we can preserve the spirit of those who came before us, and weave tales of the past for generations to come.

In alignment with my mission to celebrate the extraordinary women of Papua New Guinea through art installations, I present this profound piece. Placing her at the centre stage, she assumes her rightful position—an embodiment of strength, resilience, and readiness for change. The markings adorning her face, reminiscent of the revered Tapa Cloth pattern, serve as a visual ode to the rich tapestry of stories from the past and the dreams of a vibrant future she carries within her being.

Surrounded by an ethereal array of flowers, she emanates life—a beacon of vitality and beauty. Within the realm of her presence, two magnificent Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterflies gracefully take flight. These magnificent creatures, found exclusively in the Oro Province and renowned as the largest species of butterflies in the world, symbolise the enchanting energy she effortlessly attracts—a testament to her allure and magnetic spirit. 

The rest of the story is an invitation to let your imagination unfurl its wings. As you gaze upon this evocative artwork, allow the colours, symbols, and intricate details to inspire your own narratives. Let the essence of this remarkable woman resonate within you, her story intertwining with your own. For within this collaboration between art and observer, lies the power to perpetuate the legacy of a culture, to honour the voices of the past, and to ignite dreams that transcend the boundaries of time.

Dimensions | 122cm (h) x 91cm (w)

Medium: Sharpie Markers, Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite, Varnish.

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