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Mountain Meri - Sun Kirap (Sunrise)

Mountain Meri - Sun Kirap (Sunrise)

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The Mountain Meri series started when I went back to the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea to learn more about myself. I got to know village life and heard stories about impressive men in the highlands. But what struck me was how these stories often left out the equally amazing women—the mothers, wives, and sisters who stood with them. I wanted to highlight the significant contributions of these women that are sometimes overlooked.

As I flew over the mountainous landscapes, I thought about the challenges these women faced, carrying their children while escaping from conflicts as described by my grandmothers brother. This piece, "Sun Kirap" (Sunrise), is special for many reasons. My elderly relatives explained that these mountains are usually covered by thick clouds, making them hard to find. People don't often know they're there, but they're used for hunting and are home to the famous birds of paradise and other unique bird species. Also, the wood from these mountains is great for building haus kunai's (huts).

In the early morning, the women in the village are the first ones up, taking care of family matters before everyone else wakes up. In this piece, her body shows the marks of the mountains and the flora that surrounds her. Her hands, decorated in gold, represent the fertility of the lands she nurture's and the children she raise. Feathers from birds in the mountains adorn her head, and the gold mixed with yellow soil from Mount Hagen (Rondon), adding texture to her headpieces and waist belts.

I used gold throughout the artwork to show how precious women are and to represent the important roles they play in our society, dealing with both physical and emotional challenges. The artwork also incorporates colors and patterns inspired by all the highland provinces, with geometric shapes symbolizing their unity. The green background is the color of the dense tropical rainforest that glosses over the rugged mountains. The white streaks of paint on her back are an adaptation from my early work, depicting laceration marks on her body from her daily struggles and even the uncertainty she faces. However, the ray of sun breaks in to touch her skin, as it usually does to the river and the mountains, embedded in the sun's rays framed around her. It's as if the sun comes out specifically to see her every morning.

The Mountain Meri series is an ongoing project that changes and grows as I discover more stories that inspire these meaningful pieces.

Dimension: 100w(w) x 150cm(h)

Medium: Sharpie Markers, Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil and Varnish. 

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