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Mama Graun IV - Bush Meri

Mama Graun IV - Bush Meri

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The creation of "Mama Graun IV - Bush Meri" was a surprise installation, deeply inspired by my reflections on the strong women who have shaped my life. This piece honors the resilience of Papua New Guinean women who, despite facing societal oppression, stand tall when adorned in their traditional attire and engage in singsing.

Raised in the town area, I always looked forward to visits from my relatives, particularly the mothers and aunties from the mountain and bush regions. They often referred to themselves as "mountain lain" or "bush lain," carrying with them a sense of pride in their heritage.

During a trip back to Mount Hagen for my mother's first-year death anniversary, coinciding with the annual tribal show, I was filled with mixed emotions. While the occasion marked a somber milestone, the memories of my mother's tales of strong women filled me with anticipation. As I wandered through the vibrant event, I couldn't help but be drawn to the traditional garbs and performances.

Captivated by the striking face paintings and the rhythmic beats of the kundu drums, I found myself immersed in the celebration. Suddenly, a group of women from Rondon, my mother's village, approached me. Tears streamed down their beautifully painted faces as they welcomed me, acknowledging our shared connection.

Their gesture touched me deeply. In the midst of my sorrow, they honored my mother's memory with a spontaneous dance, chanting my name in the singsing. It was a moment of profound beauty and connection, capturing the essence of our shared heritage and the strength of Papua New Guinean women.

This painting serves as a tribute to these extraordinary women, the "bush meris," who continue to defy societal norms with their resilience and grace. It is a testament to their enduring spirit and the beauty that emerges from their struggles.

Dimension: 1.22m(h) x 1.22m(w)

Medium: Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil and Varnish. 

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