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Mama Graun III - Was Meri

Mama Graun III - Was Meri

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Introducing Mama Graun III - 'Was Meri'

This artwork stands as one of the largest and most intricate pieces I have ever created. It represents the third instalment in the Mama Graun Series of Paintings.

The Mama Graun series was conceived to showcase the often overlooked power that women hold in Papua New Guinea, a power that is frequently overshadowed by patriarchal structures. 'Was Meri' translates to 'watch woman,' akin to a watchman. In PNG, many cultures share the concept of individuals or families, even larger tribal groups, having a 'was man,' traditionally seen as a guardian figure, although typically associated with men.

This piece aims to depict the multifaceted roles women have played from ancient times to present-day Papua New Guinea, where many women continue to navigate patriarchal norms. The choice to depict a 'was meri' instead of a 'was man' underscores the indispensable contributions of women, who tirelessly work from the earliest light of dawn until the silence of nightfall.

Key Elements of 'Was Meri'

'Was meri' transcends tribal boundaries, symbolizing all women and their pivotal roles within the family unit. Positioned at the center of the artwork, her hands adorned in gold symbolize her transformative touch, turning everything she encounters into something precious. With closed eyes and a meditative posture, she maintains balance and authority, symbolized by her control over the traditional PNG masks, representing protective spirits.

Her headdress, adorned with feathers from birds of paradise and other species, elevates her to celestial heights, signifying her forward-thinking nature. Standing over the traditional haus kunai, she serves as both caretaker and guardian of the home, while also overseeing the natural world represented by the surrounding flora. Two pillars, supported by the spirits and a war shield, signify protection from external threats, balancing the energy emanating from her hand.

'Was Meri' embodies more than just the role of a housewife; she is the guardian of the sanctum where greatness is nurtured and principles are instilled into future generations.

In Mama Graun III - 'Was Meri,' she represents the genesis of creation and the perpetuation of life, her legacy enduring through the lives she touches. She embodies strength, patience, and control over adversities, standing resolute as the guardian and protector. 'Was Meri' extends beyond motherhood to encompass any woman who carries the weight of love, care, and protection for her loved ones.

It is my hope that this artwork resonates with every woman and girl, reminding them of their inherent greatness and their vital role as guardians of the home and beyond. May it serve as a testament to the resilience and strength of women who, like 'Was Meri,' stand tall in the face of challenges, maintaining balance and peace amid adversity.

1.82m (h) x 1.21m (w)

Posca Pen, Acrylic and Charcoal

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