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Kapul (Cuscus)

Kapul (Cuscus)

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Kapul (cuscus) is a native animal in PNG, predominantly found in the dense tropical rainforest areas. These animals have played an important part in the lives of many Papua New Guineans. They are a source of protein and have been valued for centuries. The fur is an item of value, used for warmth in colder climates. In some areas, babies are known to be wrapped and nursed in the fur.

The cuscus fur is sometimes used as part of decorations during singsings and represents modesty, covering the chest and exposed areas of women during these celebrations. While not necessarily required, as singsings celebrate the ways of our ancestors, the use of cuscus fur demonstrates the resourcefulness of Papua New Guineans in using their surroundings to continue their ways of life. They now use this fur to cover areas of their bodies they wish to keep private.

Interestingly, babies are often referred to as 'kapuls' in many tribes because they are cute and resemble the animal.  

121cm x 91cm

Posca Pen, Sharpie, Charcoal, Acrylic, Varnish

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