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Haus Kunai - Mama Graun III

Haus Kunai - Mama Graun III

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The Haus Kunai stands as an emblematic icon that countless Papua New Guineans, both past and present, affectionately call home. This artwork reflects the ongoing narrative journey I undertake, rooted in the humble Haus Kunai. It was within my grandmother's dwelling, surrounded by her brothers and village elders, that the art of storytelling took root.

The use of gold in this piece is intentional, representing not only the color gradient of fire but also the stories illuminated in its warm light and the accompanying smoke. It symbolizes a gathering—a communal space where narratives are crafted, community is fostered, and warmth is shared. These stories, diverse in their accounts and interpretations, find a sacred place within the golden hues.

Against a dark turquoise background, reminiscent of the dense forest—appearing blue from a distance and green up close—this artwork serves as a study for Mama Graun III, set to be unveiled late February. It encapsulates the essence of the Haus Kunai, paying homage to the profound tales woven within its walls and the vibrant community that springs forth from its embrace. 

121cm x 91cm

Posca Pen, Sharpie, Charcoal, Acrylic, Varnish

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