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Mudmen Mask ORIGINAL

Mudmen Mask ORIGINAL

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An enduring tale of ingenuity and survival has captivated generations—the legend of the illustrious Asaro Mudmen. Growing up amidst the vibrant tapestry of Goroka, I was captivated by this timeless narrative, which now serves as the inspiration for this symbolic creation.

Amid tribal conflict, a group of courageous men sought refuge on the tranquil banks of the Asaro River. Finding themselves devoid of escape routes, they hatched a daring plan to deceive their enemies. With resourcefulness and a touch of mystique, they adorned their bodies with the pale, clay-like mud that adorned the riverbanks. Transforming themselves into spectral apparitions, they crafted grinning masks, blending seamlessly with their clay-covered visages.

As the attacking tribe approached, fear etched upon their faces, they beheld the ethereal Mudmen, mistaking them for otherworldly beings. The attackers, overwhelmed by terror, turned, and fled, their formidable resolve crumbled by the illusion created by these ingenious warriors. Countless versions of the tale have been passed down, whispered from one generation to the next, each infused with the perspectives of those who donned the masks and those who encountered these eerie figures.

In this symbolic masterpiece, I pay homage to the legend, capturing the essence of the Asaro Mudmen's power to repel adversaries. It stands as a talisman, an emblematic shield warding off those who would seek to harm. Through strokes of artistry, I strive to honour the spirit of resilience, innovation, and the preservation of tradition that lies at the core of this remarkable tale.

May this artwork serve as a visual invocation, summoning the indomitable spirit of the Asaro Mudmen, keeping enemies at bay, and safeguarding the heritage of the land. Let it be a reminder that within the realm of folklore and artistic expression, the echoes of ancestral wisdom and the triumph of resourcefulness resound, ensuring that the legend endures, forever etched upon the collective memory of Papua New Guinea.

Dimension:  150cm(h) x 100cm (w)

Medium: Sharpie Markers, Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil, Varnish.

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