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Grim Jordan Creative

Mountain Meri - Jiwaka Study

Mountain Meri - Jiwaka Study

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This artwork, titled "Mountain Meri - Study," is an extension of my ongoing series celebrating the strength and beauty of Papua New Guinean women. In this piece, I've utilized lines and shapes to capture the essence of the landscape, drawing inspiration from the majestic mountains that define our homeland.

As part of my exploration into new designs, I've experimented with various sketches for future works. This drawing served as a test piece, allowing me to delve into new creative territories.

Created on a repurposed art print from Ikea, I opted to recycle the frame and repurpose it for this project. By breathing new life into the frame, I transformed it into a canvas for "Mountain Meri." This piece remains in its raw state, showcasing the blending of colors and lines to create a visually captivating representation of the mountains, the women, and their traditional attire.

Dimension: 1m(h) x 1.4m(w)

Medium: Posca Pens, Acrylic Paint, Graphite Pencil and Varnish. 

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