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Brotherhood of the Land

Brotherhood of the Land

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"Brotherhood of the Land" is an art piece that delves into the often overlooked ancestral connections between Papua New Guinea and Australia. While the historical narrative often highlights PNG's contributions during the world wars, this artwork aims to shine a spotlight on the deep cultural ties that bind these two lands together.

At the heart of the composition, we see two iconic traditional artefacts: the boomerang representing Australia and the stone ax symbolising Papua New Guinea. These "weapons" serve as powerful metaphors for the shared heritage and the strength of the bond between the two nations. The juxtaposition of these artefacts tells a story of brotherhood and unity on a land that was once interconnected.

The intricate patterns and motifs surrounding the boomerang and stone ax symbolise the cultural similarities and shared experiences between Australia and PNG. Each pattern carries its own significance, the essence of oneness and the richness of their intertwined narratives.

Through "Brotherhood of the Land," I invite viewers to explore and appreciate the ancestral connections that exist beyond the scope of historical events. This artwork serves as a reminder that there are countless untold stories and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered, celebrated, and shared between these two lands.

121cm x 91cm

Posca Pen, Sharpie, Charcoal, Acrylic, Varnish

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